Welcome! I posted my final post in October 2010 for the sole reason that for those who need it, it is the post I most want them to see. It was, for us, an answered prayer. I wish you the best of luck in your journey with food allergies, eczema, and/or asthma. I have since founded ChasingMotherhood. CONTACT: stopandenjoy@gmail.com XO

Monday, March 2, 2009


While a major snow fall like today can make the approaching spring a joyful notion, in our house it also means the onslaught of seasonal allergies (i.e. dreaded pollen). What this means exactly is lots prescriptions to stock and maintenance protocols to follow. Getting through the upcoming season with a minimal comfort level for my child means managing the necessary doses of antihistamines, nasal spray, nebulizing, and topical creams - and let's not forget vitamins!- throughout the day, every day. It can keep me running in circles, but I have found that having two "hubs" in the house is a big help (both of which must be impossibly far out of reach from children of course!). Everything I need medicinally is stocked in a lined basket in the kitchen. A second "hub" in my child's room is filled with all the same items. Now it's straight from the tub to the bedroom and once again all necessary items are right on hand. No more running downstairs for a nighttime dose or a jar of Vaseline! Although you might consistently use one hub more than the other, for the few times you do need both it is so peaceful to have it right at your disposal. Just remember how important it is to keep track of what your using in both places so you never have the frustration of being empty handed or worse - without the medicine you need in an emergency.

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