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Monday, May 18, 2009


When it comes to food allergies, it's obvious that there will be lots of food to avoid. What's not so obvious, is that many children also have severe allergies to pets. That's the case in our house, and as true dog lovers at heart, the company of a furry loved one can be sorely missed at times. As a way to fill that void, we have been having lots of fun this Spring watching out the window as all our "pet birds" come and eat their meals as we do! All day long we see Carolina Chickadees, Cardinals, and the occasional Woodpecker (to name a few family favorites!) as they settle in for a snack. With a basket by the window stocked with binoculars, the Sibley Guide to Birds, and a super handy local bird guide from the Pocket Naturalist Series, there is lots of fun to be had seeing all the creatures big and small with whom you share your home. Keep a family journal of the birds you see... and the ones you hope fly by for a visit!
***Remember as always to decide if this is safe for your family. Bird seed may contain allergens. Hang the feeder far out of reach and keep all seeds stored out of sight.

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