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Monday, May 11, 2009


After celebrating a beautiful Mother's Day with the people I love most, I felt compelled to bring attention to another mother out there - someone who is a complete stranger to me. Robyn O'Brien is the author of the just released book entitled "The Unhealthy Truth - How Our Food is Making us Sick and What We Can Do About it". I hesitated to post about a book I haven't finished, but it just came out this week and I couldn't wait. As described on her website, Robyn's book details how "the deregulation of the American food system created a boon for industry. As governments around the world tightened regulations over chemicals added to their food supplies, we loosened ours in order to enhance industry profitability…to the detriment of our nation of 300 million eaters." I don't doubt the debate will continue rage as to why the allergy epidemic continues to rise, right along with asthma and autism, but I look forward to continuing to explore her research and her argument. I have been frustrated by snarky articles questioning the validity of soaring allergy rates. Anyone who experiences the management of a life-threatening food allergy understands first hand that those types of misinformed people spread very dangerous information and adversely effect public perception of what these children face. I am inspired by a mom who decided to dive in headfirst and will heed her call to action. Robyn is also the founder of allergykids.com which strives for universal food allergy awareness. Thank you to all the mothers out there who advocate on our behalf!

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