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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


It's back to school and back to Fall. Goodbye sleepy summer mornings, hello alarm clocks! For all of us, especially the children, a good night sleep is more important than ever. One allergy offshoot that looms large in our house is eczema. After many sleepless, itchy and frustrating nights for our son, the hunt began in earnest to find some footed pajamas in 100% cotton. Sounds easy enough? For babies and toddlers certainly, but after what seemed like hours at a time of net surfing I was still empty handed for kids. Until the glorious discovery of...the aptly name footypajamas.com! A few clicks and a few days later, a packaged arrived - that night my son sailed to sleep swathed in the coziest cotton footed pj's made by Skivvydoodles. No more socks to pull off and scratch away the midnight hour, only to awaken to a world of discomfort. Of course the underlying cause for that itch is a constant focus, however, until peace is made, these jammies are some sweet relief. Don't need footies but looking for some great organic options? The fabulous Luxaby Baby will soon be carrying organic pj's by New Jammies up to size 6 - along with lots of other superb finds. Sleep tight!
(P.S. contact kim@footypajamas.com or call 650-347-3699 if your item appears out of stock - new arrivals often).

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