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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The title above applies not only to the gorgeous blankets pictured here, but to the amazing island on which they are handwoven by Allison Herr in her Nantucket home. I discovered her beautiful throw blankets at a craft fair last year. I saw them from across the room and was completely taken in by their beauty, and after speaking with her I was overjoyed to learn that they are 100% cotton...yes cotton! Unfortunately wool is not our friend in our house due to allergies, so to imagine cuddling up my son (and yes, me!!) in one of her cozy throws was a delight. And the good news doesn't stop there - they are also machine wash and dry. The throw blanket is the perfect size (34"x52")for a snuggle on the couch, a cozy tuck into bed, or a comfy car ride. Their beauty is what caught my eye, but the cotton and easy wash combo, make these blankets a true treasure. Allergies or no allergies, every house should be filled with an HerrLoom for sure! Visit www.HerrLooms.com for a real treat. Handwoven Throw Blanket Pricing: $75 + $5.00 shipping. Contact: herrlooms@gmail.com.

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