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Monday, April 5, 2010


This is a plea for anyone who travels with a young child with asthma. We are still shaking off the sleep from a 15 hour drive home from Florida after de-boarding the plane because there were no working electrical outlets on board. We use an electric powered nebulizer for my son and when I asked as we were boarding (just to be extra cautious) if there was an outlet available in an emergency, we were informed there were none. We sat in our seats for about 30 seconds and then got off with our two children and headed to the rental car desk. It was a risk that obviously we could not take. I am still in the midst of investigating this whole topic - Do airlines usually have electric outlets as I was told before the trip? Is there a battery powered nebulizer that has enough power to deliver the medicines we use? (I was told before this trip that the answer was no, hence no battery option). Is he still too young for an inhaler? In the meantime, I feel it very necessary for anyone who travels with a young child with asthma who depends on electricity to power the nebulizer to ASK BEFORE YOU TAKE OFF and confirm the wattage needed!

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